West Linn Academy of Kempo Karate

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At Sunset Fire Hall, 2215 Long Street

For All Ages 6 through Adult


About the Instructor


*** Hanshi Seminar April 25th - see Training and Events for Details! ***


Build your confidence or your child's confidence, self-esteem, and physical fitness through Martial Arts.  Your child will benefit from the caring instruction of a 32-year veteran of the Martial Arts.  Enroll yourself and/or your child and realize your potential, you both will enjoy the physical exercise and strength Karate promotes.  Do something FUN and rewarding with your child.  For more details, call 503-780-8778.


One day is either Tuesday or Thursday

Two days per week is Tuesday and Thursday

No class held on Holidays


FEES:                        Once a week                  Twice a week

1 individual                  $50 month                       $60 month

2 Family                      $70 month                       $80 month

3 or more                    $85 month                       $95 month